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Kinsealy Pet Store – Irelands largest pet shop.

Kinsealy Pet Store


Check out our clearance pet items and bag yourself a great deal!

Kinsealy Pet Store

Dogs & Puppies

Dog food, treats, toys, bedding, & accessories.

Kinsealy Pet Store

Cats & Kittens

Cat food, treats, toys, scratchers, & accessories



Live reptiles, reptile food, vivarium’s, lights, heating, & accessories.

Kinsealy Pet Store

Fish & Aquatics

Fish food, heaters, aquariums, test kits, filters, & accessories.

Kinsealy Pet Store

Small Furry Friends

Live Small Furry Friends, food, bedding, cages & accessories.

Kinsealy Pet Store

Feathered Friends

Bird Food, treats, & accessories.

Little Bird

Garden Friends

Visitors in the garden? Here’s all you need to be a great host.

Kinsealy Pet Store

Kinsealy Pet Store is a family-run pet shop, based in Kinsealy, north Dublin, which has been open since 2002. As one of the largest pet shops in Ireland, we have over 100 show aquariums, over 50 small animal and reptile enclosures, as well as outdoor aviaries, kennels, hutches, cages, pet beds and accessories.

Our team are highly experienced and are always happy to offer you good advice and to help you and your kids learn about responsible pet care and ownership.

You can also get your dogs groomed at Kinsealy Pet Store’s pet grooming parlour. Our experienced groomer is second to none and we offer the most competitive rates around!

Kinsealy Pet Store is very proud to have been described as “the Mecca of Dublin Pet Shops” by The Evening Herald, 2010.

For your convenience, Kinsealy Pet Store is open 7 days a week.

Kinsealy Pet Store

Adopt A Pet

Check out all of these gorgeous pets that need a loving home.


Meet Our In -Store Pets

Meet our meercats, snakes, fish, tarantulas, bunnies, hamsters, & parrots,

Kinsealy Pet Store


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